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Watch Manufacturer List

watch manufacturer list

    watch manufacturer
  • (Watch manufacturers) A watchmaker is an artisan who makes and repairs watches. Since virtually all watches are now factory made, most modern watchmakers solely repair watches. However, originally they were master craftsmen who built watches, including all their parts, by hand.

  • give or make a list of; name individually; give the names of; "List the states west of the Mississippi"

  • An instance of a ship leaning over in such a way

  • include in a list; "Am I listed in your register?"

  • a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)

welcome 2010 and here are ten new things about me!

welcome 2010 and here are ten new things about me!

i have this feeling that this year is going to be the best year ever and what a fun way to start it off! so, here we go!

1. i am an optimist. life is too short and it is meant to be lived to the fullest.
2. i am the definition of a sagittarius. i love an adventure and i am not into routines. i am easy going and happy unless i am crossed and then watch out!! i am honest,trustworthy and generous with my heart. i am also incurably silly.
3. i love to go to movies!! i don't go to sad movies anymore, i cry much to easily and for me, movies are a form of escape from reality. that being said, my family is embarrassed to go to movies with me. really. why?? i have the ability to completely lose myself into the story and will laugh really loud...when absolutely no one else is laughing. my standard line for this phenomenon is that i laugh when the director secretly intended for people to laugh.
4. i love all things with wings. i love birds, fairies and angels. i wish that i could fly, but i hate flying in air planes. i would love to go to new zealand or australia, but would need to be sedated to make the trip.
5. i love to read and will often have many books going at one time. i am so grateful for my library.
6. i try to be as green as i can and to support local businesses. my favorite pizza joints are the mom and pop ones. recycling is a challenge, but we do it. why can't the manufacturers just simply reduce the amount of packaging?
7. i love my hands. they are important to me for so many reasons. they give me the ability to care for myself as well as others. they enable me to pursue my creative outlets. they make me happy. maybe this year i will perfect the art of doing a handstand on the bench for mondays!!
8. i am a people person. i love talking to people and finding out what makes them tick.
i am ever so curious about others, but i am also very respectful of people's privacy. people must see that in me because i can't tell you how many times store clerks and waiters have felt compelled to give me their life story. i like that about me.
9. i can put on all of my make-up in under 3 minutes. this is because i hate getting up and will procrastinate until the last possible second before getting ready to go to work. i thought that this would get better with switching to night shift, but it hasn't. i am always sprinting from my car to the time clock to clock in because i hate being late. silly, i know.
10. my word for this year is movement. moving forward. moving towards the kind of life that I desire. in keeping with that, i will be participating in my second danskin triathlon this year and i am so excited. it is the most empowering thing that you can do for yourself.

<3, sherry

Philadelphia (Keystone) Watchcase Company Building

Philadelphia (Keystone) Watchcase Company Building

Built by Theophilus Zurbrugg in 1908, The Philadelphia Watchcase Company Building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on January 31, 1978. Completed in early 1908, the building is dominated by the 7-story office building, with an 8-story tower at the corner. The tower has an elaborately framed clock on each side and a lavishly decorated mansard roof. Spaces between the windows are ornamented with carved squares and grotesques. The main factory building, behind and attached to the office building, is an early example of reinforced concrete construction. Its divisions are clearly defined by concrete posts and beams, infilled with brick spandrels and triple factory windows.

The ornate clock tower is the perfect symbol atop the seven-story office tower of The Philadelphia Watch Case Comany. The factory, which produced gold watch cases, had 32 fire and burglar-proof vaults. Floors were sloped so gold particles could be flushed into a cistern and recovered.

The Philadelphia (Keystone) Watch Case Company was the world's largest watch case manufacturer, and in 1918 employed 1,050 people.

watch manufacturer list

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